Vijay Throws Surprise Party!

Arjun Reddy is the craziest hit of the year. Celebrating the film’s mind-blowing success, the film’s lead protagonist Vijay Devarakonda has thrown a lavish party to Arjun Reddy team on Saturday night at a posh pub in the city. The entire cast and crew of Arjun Reddy have been invited for the party and all have erupted in complete euphoria. All have partied hard till late night.

Made with a shoe-string budget is minting money at the Box Office and is declared as triple blockbuster by the trade. The film is now marching towards quadruple blockbuster (400% of investment + Recovery). While the film’s world-wide theatrical rights have been sold for Rs 6 Crore, the film earned a gross of Rs 41.5 Crore (i.e 22.6 Cr Share) in just two weeks of run.

Apart from the gigantic success, the film is very close to Vijay as he himself stated that it has transformed him as a person who speaks his mind without any filters. Buoyed with all these changes in his life – professionally and personally, Vijay has heartily thrown party to the entire unit.

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