AP Secretariat hit by WannaCry Virus!

AP Secretariat


The global-wide cyber attack by the most malicious ransomware virus has now bombarded Andhra Pradesh secretariat. According to govt. officials, hackers have almost infected 25% of the computers in state Secretariat, located in Amaravati.
Alerted with the cyber attack, IT experts have initialized the task of rewriting the hacked disks. The miscreants managed to infect computers in block 4 and 5, as per early reports and it’s yet to known whether they also harmed Systems in CM’s block.

Almost all the hacked systems are being on Microsoft Operating Systems and IT engineers confirm that this OS is most vulnerable to ransomeware attack globally. Ever since the incident came to light, AP IT cell is assisting the secretariat staff and some are working to know whether there’s any loss of documents data, files saved in their computers.

It’s well-known that AP Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu has transformed his government to paper-less & all the filings happen online. Ransomeware virus has become quite dangerous across the world, and it has majorly targeted all government departments, banks, medical services and other corporations and demanding bitcoins to have them unlocked.

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