Too Worst: Heroine Gagged & Tied To Bed


Other day there is a disturbing image of Tamil heroine Varalakshmi, daughter of hero Sarath Kumar from his first wife, doing rounds on the internet. In the picture, we could see her gagged and tied to a bed and the hashtag #VaralakshmiKidnapped got viral in no time. Here comes the worst part of it.
While Varalakshmi claimed that she’s not in town but in Delhi, and also safe, she revealed that it is part of her latest movie promotions. Also, the actress claimed innocence about the whole promotional campaign, which sounds so untrue. Publicising some objectionable images like this which look as if the actress is really getting sexually harassed is not a good idea to promote a film, isn’t it?

Recently heroine Regina posted on her social media account about her secret marriage. Later she revealed that it’s regarding publicity of her new film. In the name of publicity, making a mockery of people through these absurd ideas isn’t a worthy one for sure.

And the publicity stunt of Varalakshmi’s film other day is too worst of all. Seems like Tamil films makers are desperately trying to grab the attention of Indian audiences with these stunts. Get some good ideas folks!!

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