Zomato Hacked, Data of 17 Million Users Stolen

Just days after the WannaCry malware attack across the globe, we have news on another security breach where data of 17 million users was stolen from the database of Zomato, a leader among restaurant search and food delivery apps.
A key authority of Zomato, in a blog post, revealed that account information (name, email address, hashed password etc) of 17 million users was compromised because of an internal security breach.

He however assured that the hashed passwords cannot be decrypted so users should not worry much. He also suggested users having the same password across other platforms to change the passwords as a preemptive security measure.

“As a precaution, we have reset the passwords for all affected users and logged them out of the app and website. Our team is actively scanning all possible breach vectors and closing any gaps in our environment. So far, it looks like an internal (human) security breach,” the company wrote in the blog post.

The company further said that payment related information and credit card details on Zomato are stored separately in a highly secure vault and asserted that it had not been stolen. Zomato assured that it is working on adding another layer of authorization to avoid the possibility of security breaches in future.

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