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Dil Raju Burning Hands!

With Cheliya opened to a lukewarm response, Dil Raju seems to have received yet another setback in dubbed films. In addition to the poor reviews, the film being slow is dashing the hopes on its survival.
Last year, Dil Raju had released Siva Karthikeyan’s Remo which was a dud at the Box Office. The makers had splurged on the film’s promotions not withstanding its result. This is not all.

Early last year, Dil Raju had also released Vijay’s Theri in Telugu as Police which had failed to recover even the promotional costs of the film. However, Dil Raju seems to have learnt little and continued to take over Dubbed films.

Usually, producers who fail to make in moolah with straight films, often opt for dubbed films to make money. For a change, Dil Raju who has series of hits with straight films, is burning hands with the dubbed films. The otherwise successful producer Raju is unnecessarily looking up to the dubbed content that hasn’t changed his fortunes.

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