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Sathyaraj Trolled by Rajini Fans For His Apology


Senior Tamil actor Sathyaraj is surely receiving applause form movie lovers across the world for keeping his ego aside and seeking a dignified apology to Kannadigas to help Baahubali 2 have a smooth release in Karnataka. The act of Sathyaraj however gave an opportunity to fans of Superstar Rajinikanth to troll him. So, what exactly happened between Sathyaraj and Rajini?
Going into details, a few years ago, when Kannadigas had stopped the release of his film, ‘Kathanayakudu’ following his comments, Rajinikanth issued an apology to them. Rajini put an end to the controversy by clarifying that he didn’t want to hurt the sentiments of Kannadigas but he only wanted to raise the plight of farmers in Tamil Nadu.

Rajini’s apology was welcomed by Kannadigas but the same was met with resentment by the Nadigar Sangam members led by then President Sarath Kumar. Sathyaraj, who was a member of the Sangam then, commented that he would never have apologized and instead he would have preferred to bear the losses if his film was stopped from releasing.

The same Sathyaraj, who commented against Rajini about a decade ago, has now sought an apology in a similar fashion when Baahubali 2 faced similar release hurdles. The ardent fans of took complete leverage of this opportunity to troll Sathyaraj who ridiculed their favorite actor in the past.

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