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Deputy CM Chair Offered to Palaniswami

Ahead of the much discussed merger of the two AIADMK factions, rebel candidate O Panneerselvam’s camp has put forward its conditions.
As per media reports, OPS faction demands the CM chair for their leader and they also want the party General Secretary post. And, they offered the deputy CM post and Finance Ministry to the current CM Palaniswami. On the other hand, the other faction led by Palaniswami is yet to divulge its demands.

Each faction has already formulated a committee and the discussions are expected to take place shortly in order to finalize the merger. Whether Palaniswami and his supporters surrender to the demands of OPS group is expected to be revealed in a day or two.

Earlier, the Election Commission (EC) has asked both the factions to solve their issue by June 16 to save the AIADMK party symbol, two-leaves, which has been frozen after it was claimed by both the factions.

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