Omkar’s 100% Luck E 12 – with Ravi,Priyanka,Kumari,Shashi (11th Sep)


100 % Luck – Episode 12 (11th September 2013) Wednesday

A News That Disturbed Amala Other Day

Heroine Amala Paul has some emotional moments other day as she heard a news that disturbed her for the whole day. It’s quite an emotional moment and many fans are feeling a connection to her pain.

Other day a news has come out that Tamil director AL Vijay, who happens to be Amala’s former husband after Court nullified their marriage a month ago, is now getting married. Apparently his father AL Alagappan is said to have found a suitable girl to Vijay in their friends’ circle and the marriage will take place anytime sooner.

Shooting for a TV commercial other day in Chennai, Amala has come to know this news from some friends, and immediately she turned emotional, with the pain of his loved one leaving her forever knocking her hard. In some latest interviews, Amala has revealed that she still loves Vijay and stated that she don’t want to talk about why marriage got wrecked. Probably it’s time for Amala as well to move on, while Vijay moved on already.

While shooting for “Daiva Thirumagal” movie in 2011, both Amala and Vijay have fallen in love and got wedded in June 2014. They got married twice, in Hindu custom once and Christian tradition other time. A month ago, the family court has granted them divorce.