Omkar’s 100% Luck E 12 – with Ravi,Priyanka,Kumari,Shashi (11th Sep)


100 % Luck – Episode 12 (11th September 2013) Wednesday

Vangaveeti : Radha Moves HC

YSR Congress Party leader Vangaveeti Radha has filed a petition in the High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states accusing filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma of defaming his family in his film “Vangaveeti” that released in December 2016.
Radha in his petition alleged that the film was made on his family without his approval and further alleged that the film had shown his family in “bad light”. He accused that director Ram Gopal Varma has belittled his family and alleged that there were “no facts” in the film.

Speaking to media after filing the petition, Radha said that the matter is in court and he would proceed legally. Radha also stated that he would not leave the matter and he would fight till the justice is delivered. He also alleged that RGV tried to portary his father Vangaveeti Ranga as a “rowdy” by overplay of violence against to Ranga’s natural character.

Radha’s lawyer further added that RGV’s TV interviews and opinions have been provided as the evidence to the court and also submitted the list of objections against Radha in the film. The lawyer alleged that the film is made to cash in on Ranga’s popularity and accused of showing “lies”.

The judge has asked the petitioners to submit a copy of previous police complaint made by him on Thursday and basis on that, judge is likely to take the further course of action. Director Ram Gopal Varma, producer Dasari Kiran Kumar and co-producer Sudheer Chandra have been named as the respondents in the petition by the petitioner.

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