Omkar’s 100% Luck E 7 – with Madhu, Praveen, Kargeyi, Sanjana (7th Aug 2013)

100 Luck - with Madhu, Praveen, Kargeyi, Sanjana (Aug 8th)

100 % Luck – with Madhu, Praveen, Kargeyi, Sanjana (7th August 2013) Wednesday

Jagan Talks About Eenadu Shares

Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has thrown an open challenge to AP CM Chandrababu Naidu, Minister Atchannaidu and to all TDP leaders who have been alleging that he possess 43,000 Crores assets. Talking in the Assembly, Jagan challenged, “I’m challenging Chandrababu Naidu, Atchannadiu and whom so ever in the TDP, since you’re saying that I’ve property worth of 43,000 Crore, just give me 10 per cent of it to me, I’ll immediately transfer all my properties on your name.”

Jagan snapped back at the TDP leaders who have been accusing him of possessing illegal assets. He claimed that he was ‘good’ till his father was alive and he was nailed in the cases after he quit Congress after his dad YSR’s death.

Eenadu Vs Sakshi

Bringing up the case of Eenadu and drawing comparisons with Eenadu, YS Jagan claimed that what had done was fair and no quid-pro-quo. “Eenadu had 1800 Crores of accumulated losses then. Yet Eenadu had sold its Rs 100 share at Rs 5,26,000. At that time, Sakshi had offered its shares at half of Eenadu’s valuation to the investors. People who all invested in Sakshi were clean. All investors have pocketed profits. None of them have any complaints. Neither who invested in Eenadu suffered losses nor who invested in Sakshi suffered losses. Today, Sakshi is at No.8 in country. If you have any doubts go and check the IRS, ABC records.”

Atchannaidu Counters

Minister Atchannaidu has given a befitting counter to YS Jagan. “If everything was fair, why were IAS officers were jailed because of you? Why were industrialists were jailed because of you? Why were you jailed for 17 months? Had you not surrendered to Sonia, how did you get the bail? Everyone knows how you got bail? Congress colluded with you and gave you bail. It had wanted to win in Telangana with KCR and win in AP with Jagan.”

“Whatever I’ve spoken in the house today isn’t my words. CBI itself stated that it has put 11 charge sheets against Jagan. Even Jagan is admitting this,” added Atchannaidu. On parting note, Atchannaidu said he’d like to hear answers from Jagan on the above questions.


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