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NRI Abused in NZ, Told to Go Back to India

Amidst the concerns over how Indians are being subjected to racial attacks in the US, it looks the situation is no different in New Zealand, albeit a tad less severe.

As per media reports, an Indian living in New Zealand was recently subjected to racist abuse and told to go back to his own country during a road rage incident.

Narindervir Singh, the Indian who had to face this assault, filmed the entire incident from inside his vehicle and live-streamed it on facebook.

“It really shocked me and I was really shaken. I didn’t know what to do at that time. The first thing in my mind was that he might hurt me with some weapon. ‘The abuser tailgated and also made derogatory remarks about Punjabi community,” said Singh as per reports.

Another Indian, Bikramjit Singh had also suffered similar racial assault in a similar incident a few days earlier. People say that discrimination and racial abuses started increasing in the recent months.

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