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Big Star Director Lost Baahubali Tickets

He happens to be one big star director whose recent films haven’t done well. And guess what, he has faced an awkward situation today as he missed out the Premiere Show of “Baahubali2” due to some confusion.
In fact, the director was sent tickets by his many ‘sources’ in the film industry. He got tickets of Prasad’s Imax Big Screen and also Big Cinemas which have shows at 9 and 10’o clock on Thursday night. As he got many tickets in hand, he started distributing them to his staff.
While he thought that his officemates will keep his own ticket safe and distribute others, his office manager thought that Boss saved one for him in his pocket and gave rest of the tickets to distribute. Finally, they distributed all the tickets with none for the director. We have to say, the whole team have lost their Baahubali 2 tickets in charity.

Director and his team realised about their tickets thing only after the director got down his car at a popular theatre in Hyderabad. Luckily he has come an hour early for the show and the theatre manager managed to get him 5 VVIP tickets for the group.

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