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What Punishment for Murder Of Srinivas

Adam Purinton, who is charged and taken into Police custody for killing Indian techie Srinivas Kunchibotla, has appeared before Johnson County district attorney through a video conference on Tuesday. The killer was wearing ‘Safety smack’ while attending the hearing, because normal clothes would easily help him commit suicide by hanging.

Although no final judgement was pronounced against Adam, the first-time questioning was finished in just 2 minutes and he was asked to re-appear before the court on 9th March. The local police have charged him under first degree murder and attempted murder against Alok and Ion Grillot, who’re getting treated at a hospital in Kansas.

The government lawyer Steve Howe says, ‘If Adam is proved under these charges, he will be sentenced a minimum of 50 years jail. And if, FBI can prove this attack was made on hate-crime lines, there’s a bright chance for face death sentence too.’

Currently, 51-year old Purinton is in Johnson County jail and government has appointed Michelle Durett, from Public Defenders Office, as his attorney.