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‘Chandrababu Cheated Me’

Guntur West TDP MLA Modugula Venugopal Reddy has expressed his disappointment over not getting inducted into the AP cabinet of Ministers in the latest reshuffle. He even accused the CM and TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu of cheating him.
Reddy said that he was asked to contest for the Guntur MLA seat although he served as Lok Sabha MP from 2009-14. ‘Chandrababu promised me that I would be given minister post if I defeat former minister and Congress candidate Kanna Lakshminarayana. I won the election but I wasn’t inducted into cabinet as per the promise’, he recalled.

‘I hoped to get the minister berth at least in the latest cabinet reshuffle but Babu has once again cheated me. Instead of the leaders who have been working for the party for years, the defectors have been offered minister posts,’ he vent out his anguish.

Some other senior leaders of the TDP have also expressed similar opinions after the cabinet reshuffle that saw 11 new faces.

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