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Rogue Trailer Talk: No Love, Total Lust

Ever since Puri announced Rogue with newcomer and Kannada boy Ishan, the film has been in making noise in one way or the other way. And the reverse suspended first look did manage to grab a few eye balls. Since the film is captioned it as ‘Maro Chantigadi Prema Kadha’, expectations cropped up that Puri may recreate the magic of Idiot once again. And many expected that Rogue would be a thorough love story, going by its caption. Is it? Check out.

Going by the trailer, Rogue is all about guys (Ishan, Anoop Thakur, Subbaraju), guns and girls (Mannara, Angela). The film revolves around a strong point since newcomer Ishan is shown as a prisoner. The film appears to be very raw, rustic. Ishan is portrayed as rugged guy who takes even bullet. And he invites wrath of his father. So, there is an element of father-son sentiment.

And what not to forget is romance that visibly goes overboard. Film’s female ladies Mannara, Angela scorch the screens with their hotness.

Trailer starts with hero delivering ‘I hate girls’. Debutant Ishan is introduced to us showcasing him in rough and raw way. One side he gives lectures to girls and on other side, he’s seen in a no-holds-barred romance with lead ladies. He utters dialogues like – “Mee Ammayilaki Ivi Common Ye Kada. Bakara Okadu. Standby Marokadu”. In another hard-hitting dialogue where drawing analogy between vehicles and girls, Ishan says in trailer, “There are no showroom vehicles, all are second-hand vehicles”

Right from liplocks to the skin show of Mannara, Angela who scorch the screens with their overdose of hotness, the trailer appears to be voyeuristic. So, if anyone expected a decent, pure love story going by the caption, they got it wrong. As what Puri offered is total lust in the trailer. Let’s wait and see whether the film has that justification or not.

The trailer of Rogue neither has traces of Idiot nor the essence of love. While Puri’s mark sharp dialogues, potshots at modern-age girls may appeal to a section of men, boys. One has to see how girls, women would take it.

On the whole, it’s Puri’s typical Rogue.

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