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Pelli Pustakam (26th December 2015) Saturday Actor Adi

Pelli Pustakam (19th December 2015) Saturday  Actor Manch Manoj

Pelli Pustakam (14th December 2015) Monday  Actor Gopichand

Pelli Pustakam (12th December 2015) Saturday  Actor Allari Naresh

Pelli Pustakam  (6th December 2015) Sunday  Actor Allu Arjun

Fan Follows Actress to Ladies’ Washroom


Sometimes the over-enthusiasm of fans pushes their favorite celebs into panic situations and one such scene was recently witnessed by hot Bollywood actress Esha Gupta.
Esha has recently taken part in a fashion programme in Dubai. When the actress was going to washroom, a male fan reportedly followed her on the pretext of taking a selfie with her. Although she tried to convince him that the time and place were inappropriate, he entered the ladies’ washroom right behind her.

The ‘Raaz 3’ actress was so terrified that she had to call the security to get the male fan out of the washroom. She however didn’t press any charges against him as he pleaded her that he came inside only for a selfie and that he had no malicious intentions.

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