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No More Power Clashes Among Telugu Stars

Last time when the elections of Movie Artists Association had happened, there was huge mud slinging and scathing attacks on fellow actors. It’s not less than a TV serial we see every day.

That’s how MAA present body formed two years ago with Rajendra Prasad as President after he won the popular vote under support from Chiranjeevi. Both Rajendra Prasad and his opponent Jayasudha took to TV and paper to throw stones at each other. Some actresses like Hema have made fun of Nagababu, while Lakshmi Manchu bent her support to Jayasudha’s group though she’s elected unanimously by everyone on Manchu Vishnu’s request. That was not any clash of titans, but clash for power.

However, MAA has now decided to not indulge in such power clashes and dirty politics as there is no use of it. With Rajendra Prasad’s term coming to end, we hear that the Body unanimously wants actor Sivaji Raja to take over the reigns as president. He’s currently working as Chief Secretary of the body.

On the other hand, we have to appreciate MAA for giving pensions to financially suffering retired stars and other schemes.

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