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Small Heroes Are The Real Heroes!

Noted Nizam distributor Abhishek Nama of Abhishek Pictures has made some shocking comments against the star heroes of Tollywood. He revealed that distributors are still in business not because of the films of stars but of mid-range young heroes such as Nani, Sharwanand, Nikhil etc.
He said that no distributor is making money from the films of stars. ‘Buyers risk on films of stars only to get recognition in industry. They feel happy even if they are managed to reach break even status, which rarely occurs. It is just because of the films of promising youngsters like Nani, Sharwanand, Nikhil etc. distributors are still interested in doing business’ he added.

‘There used to about 40 distributors in Nizam but there are only 4 now. The so called trade experts are just deducting the taxes from gross and claiming the numbers as share. But in reality, distributors get much lesser, around 40 percent of the ticket amount,’ he said.

After burning his hands by distributing some biggies, Abhishek has shifted his attention to film production and has produced promising films such as Nikhil’s Kesava and Avasarala’s ‘Babu Baga Busy’. Going by how the most successful distributor Dil Raju has also cut down on the number of films that he distributes, one can understand the risks involved in distribution.

Distributor is the key person to take films near audiences. If the star heroes don’t cut down on remunerations and production costs, then the day will come when they have to release the films on their own.

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