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Potugadu Movie Audio Launch LIVE 


Hevalambi Nama Samvatsara Raasi Phalalu 2017-2018:

As Ugadi marks the New Year for Telugus, it’s quite special for the Telugu people across the globe. Above is the list of income-expenditure index against corresponding zodiac sign. Also the index of honour-dishonour is presented against each zodiac sign to the right for Hevalambi Nama Samvatsaram.
Meanwhile, it’s believed that Telangana will rise on development fron whereas it’s said to be tough for the truncated state of Andhra Pradesh. According to famous astrologer Mulugu Ramalingeswara Varaprasad Siddhanthi, Telangana’s economic situation flourishes while AP would go from bad to worse. Interestingly, the Siddhanthi predicts rise of Opposition YSR Congress Party in AP.

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