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Why Pawan Also Didn’t Give A Warning??

Rather giving warnings to people all the time, a government could easily tackle the situation by issuing a direct ban, but that’s not happening. And here come we’re talking about “Cigarette Smoking and Alcohol Drinking is injurious to Health”.
Generally, it became a practice in films for heroes to read these warnings which come before the starting title sequence. However, in recent biggies like Khaidi No 150 or Katama Rayudu, the lead heroes of the movie, who are considered as demi-gods, haven’t read it out.

Yes, other day when Katama Rayudu released, with Pawan Kalyan also coming up with the song on alcohol “Jivvu Jivvu” inside the movie, one expects him to read the statutory warning. But surprisingly some dubbing artiste who has given the voice for villain character has read it over. Well, why not Pawan Kalyan give voice for that?

Probably when star heroes also have a political dream to pursue, they should flaunt certain level of honesty and care for the society. It doesn’t mean that reading this warning sign will make them one, but still its a responsibility.

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