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No Buyers For Baahubali 2 There?

The formula to market and sell the second installment of Baahubali was quite simple – the massive numbers fetched by part-1 made the work easy for producers. But, regional distribution of ‘The Conclusion’ is still to be concluded in Karnataka region

Having generated huge shares of around 40 Crore for part-1, why is the southern state still not able to close the deal for part-2. The second installment of this magnum opus, which is all set to amaze us with stunning visuals and screenplay, has been acquired for a record price in all areas.

But, the Karnataka rights are still under negotiations after the state government capped the movie ticket prices. Although it’s a rejoicing move for viewers, distributors are exhibitors are extremely worried that they cannot make big money out of mega projects like Baahubali.

After the price-cap put forward by state government, Karnataka distributors had to apparently grab Baahubali rights for a lower price in order to reach break even point. And so, Rajamouli’s magnum opus is still unsold in that state. Now that the audio is out in markets, it remains to be seen whether it can attract any new distributor to acquire Karnataka rights.

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