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MLA Says, Sr Actress cum MP Drinks Daily


Instead of sharing the empathy of the families of farmers who have committed suicides and trying to ameliorate their pain, a legislator has taken the bizarre example of Hema Malini’s drinking habits and linked it to farmer suicides.
Talking about farmer suicides in India, an independent MLA in Maharashtra, Omprakash Babarao, said at a press conference that yesteryear actress-turned-politician Hema Malini drinks everyday but she didn’t commit suicide. Further hitting at farmers and their drinking habits, he added, “Not just Hema Malini, 75 per cent MLAs and MPs drink. Are they committing suicides?.”

Statistical reports claim that more than 200 farmers committed suicide only in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra in the first three months of 2017. Instead of understanding the seriousness of farmers’ problems in the drought-hit region and coming up with solutions, the lawmaker has made these imbecile statements.

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