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TV9 - Rahasayam part 1
TV9 – Rahasayam part 1
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TV9 – Rahasayam part 2
CM Cancels 15 Govt. Holidays

In a headline-making move, the Uttar Pradesh government headed by Yogi Adityanath has cancelled 15 public holidays primarily the birth or death anniversaries of eminent personalities. Students from henceforth will be taught on these days about these great figures through various programmes.
Uttar Pradesh has 42 public holidays of which more than 17 are related to the birth or death anniversaries. There has been about 50% increase in holidays over the past decade. Most of these holidays had been declared by the earlier governments in order to appease vote banks.

In his recent public address, Adityanath expressed concern over the shrinking academic days due to increased holidays. To bring a change, his govt. has now cancelled 15 of such holidays and instead special programmes would be held to teach students about the great personalities.


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