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TV9 – Rahasyam Part 1
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‘Mega Superstars Prabhas kaali gotikikuda sariporu’

The explosive trailer of ‘Baahubali 2’ looks to have given yet another opportunity to the attention-craving Ram Gopal Varma who went rampaging against the Tollywood stars.

Calling Baahubali 2 the ‘Grandmother of Indian Movies’, Varma went on to elevate Prabhas with a volley of tweets. It seemed that Varma’s twitter elevation of Prabhas was way higher than Rajamouli’s elevation of the actor through some intense action sequences in Baahubali.

‘After Baahubali, no Powerfulest MegaSuperstar of Tollywood could match even with the toenail of Prabhas even in two lifetimes,’ tweeted Varma, taking a dig at all the star heroes of Telugu cinema.

Varma said that many in tollywood might commit suicide after learning that Baahubali 2 trailer amassed 50M views in just 24 hours.

More than hurting, Varma’s comments are making fans of all heroes get very angry. Making such degrading remarks against heroes having larger than life image just to hit headlines is very cheap, opine fans. He seems to have not mended his ways even after Naga Babu’s outburst at and comments of mega family heroes on different occasions.

Of course Prabhas has hogged national limelight with Baahubali but that doesn’t mean Varma could ridicule other stars who have scaled much higher peaks than Prabhas before a phenomenon called ‘Baahubali’ happened.

One must recall that the same RGV praised NTR during ‘Temper’ time and Mahesh on other occasions. His intention is not acknowledging Prabhas’s achievements but humiliating other heroes using the name of Prabhas.

‘The day is not far away when RGV gets a heavy thrashing from Tollywood fans,’ said an angry movie lover on social media.

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