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TV9 Rahasyam part1
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TV9 Rahasyam part2
What’s Rajamouli Trying To Say?

SS Rajamouli had shocked with his ‘proud’ speech at the pre-release function. The ace director claimed that he’s made Prabhas a national icon with Baahubali. Citing that even media persons in Mumbai is gaga over Prabhas, Rajamouli had stated that he’s content and delighted that what he had ‘given’ to Prabhas.

“I had been pondering over what I had given to Prabhas. I knew Prabhas is well-known here. But when I had gone to Mumbai for a press conference, I realised that even media in Mumbai is cheering for him. This had amused me and at the same time, made me happy and proud,” said Rajamouli.

Considering that Rajamouli is a down-to-earth and humble man, one really not expected such things from Rajamouli himself. If it was anyone else in the team or if it was Prabhas who shared this anecdote and thanked Rajamouli for making Prabhas famous in North, it’d had been different. But Jakkanna himself stating that he made Prabhas a national icon is something that doesn’t go well with rational people.

Also many in media are pointing out the change in Rajamouli’s attitude post Baahubali. Looks like, even perfectionists like Rajamouli get carried away with the fame, glory and forgetting the fact that film is bigger than individuals.


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