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Can Rajamouli Make People Sit That Long?

Now that all issues surrounding Baahubali: The Conclusion are resolved and the film is bracing up for the biggest ever release in a week, the Baahubali fever has gripped the people. As the film’s censor has been completed and passed with U/A certificate, a few interesting details about the film are in discussion in tinsel town.
The latest we hear is that the film’s run-time is 170.51 minutes which means it is 2.51 hours. This is certainly very longtime considering that the run-time of the most of the recent films was around 2.10 hours including Krish’s historic film Gautamiputra Satakarni and several other commercial films that released in 2017.

It has to be seen how Rajamouli could make people sit this long. It’s not so easy to make people hook to the seats throughout the film.

Highlights of Baahubali: The Conclusion

Meanwhile, inside details have it that Baahubali: The Conclusion has several high moments that will give goosebumps. It’s learnt that the emotion has been carried out well unlike the first part that has its own flaws. Rajamouli said to have taken special care after the first part received criticism.

Of all the scenes, Kattappa killing Baahubali is said to be the highlight of the film that is expected to bring tears to people. The last words of Amarendra Baahubali to Kattappa to take care of his mother Sivagami (Ramya Krishna) are said to be heartrending.

Besides this, of course, the face-off between Prabhas (Shivudu, Amarendra Baahubali) and Rana (Bhallaladeva) is going to be another highlight of the film. It’s said that the love story between Anushka (Devasena) and Prabhas (Amarendra Baahubali) leaves viewers with a romantic experience. Of course, the war scenes are going to be another highlight.

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