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Why he hates girls in a big way!

Director Puri Jagan once again demonstrated to the world that his ‘pen’ celebrates bashing girls, women and female gender in particular. All the dialogues from “Rogue” are examples of how much hate this director harbours against women. But most of the dialogues are in poor taste for sure.
Even in most of his latest films like Devudu Chesina Manushulu and Loafer, Puri Jagan has annihilated girls big time. In Loafer, he went on saying that women like Savitri are hard to find these days as they have got extinct along with dinosaurs. What wonders many is, why Puri is still searching for dinosaurs.

On one side, Puri Jagan has a wonderful wife in Lavanya, and his daughter Pavitra also toes around her father all the time. Also, the director’s model management agency, Puri Connects, is headed by another woman, outdated heroine Charmi. With so many women around, why Puri searches for dinosaurs and why he hates girls in a big way is the most simple question one would ask this filmmaker.

While Puri blasts women big time inside the movie, he’s the one to make sure that glamour of his heroines will be shelled out max such that the films would fetch huge theatrical rights. Isn’t this a hypocrisy?

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