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TV Anchor Fires at Own Channel


In a shocking development, most popular news anchor and former editor-in-chief of a popular national news channel, Arnab Goswami has lashed out at his former channel. The anchor said to have received a letter from the media group which asked him not to use the phrase ‘Nation Wants to know’ and threatened to take legal action if it’s used.
In a voice message Arnab confirmed receiving the letter and stated that the six-page legal notice he got from a media group has threatened him with ‘imprisonment’ if he ever use the phrase ‘Nation Wants to Know’. Arnab said that the media group claimed ‘owning’ the phrase.

Stating that he has been watching the ‘nervous antics’ of the media group with ‘amusement’ and ‘horror’ for the last few months, Arnab said he decided to reply them in public. He said, “The threat of imprisonment will not deter me. Bring your moneybags and your lawyers, file the criminal case against me for using the phrase ‘Nation Wants to Know’. Do everything you can, spend all the money you have and arrest me. I’m waiting right now in my studio floor. Come, enforce your threat.”

In emotional appeal, Arnab said that the phrase ‘Nation Wants to Know’ belongs to you (viewers), to him (Arnab) and to all of us, every citizen of this country. Expounding on it further, Arnab said the phrase symbolizes what we do, pick up issues for the people, ask, question and seek accountability where it is due. Arnab added that he has used the phrase with ‘pride’ in his reporting and on debates for the last 20 years. The popular TV anchor, who is all set to launch his own international news channel Republic, said that he is deeply indebted to all of us who have found his journalism worthy of representing public interest. He alleged that ‘every dirty trick’ and ‘every attempt at intimidation’ had been carried out against him and his team by the media group for the last few months. He further alleged that his team members had been ‘harassed’ and even ‘threatened’ with “untoward action”.

This is not all. Arnab has alleged that the media group’s “aim” is to somehow “stall” and “delay” the launch of Republic TV. As per Arnab, the media group is ‘somehow trying and making sure that a group of journalists determined to pursue the truth on behalf of the people are held back’. Arnab said that team Republic is unstoppable.

Arnab has also asked people whether he should ‘stop using’ the phrase because the media group threatened to imprison him.

On concluding note, Arnab said that every Indian has a right to use that phrase. And the phrase comes straight from the heart. Daring the media group, Arnab asked it to ‘bring it on’.

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