Ram Charan’s Thoofan Audio Launch LIVE

Toofan Audio Launch


Ram Charan’s Thoofan Audio Launch LIVE 


Ram Charan’s Thoofan Audio Launch LIVE 2


Rise Of Those Heroes, Fall Of These!!

A couple of years back, who looked exactly like taking Tollywood by a storm with their lovely lover-boy like presence? Definitely, it is Sandeep Kishan and Naga Shourya while Nani tried to move towards mass-elements. But things changed in short time.

With Nani, Sharwanand and Raj Tarun are on the top of their game, heroes like Sandeep Kishan and Naga Shourya just fell out of track, we have to say. Not that their rise led to these people’s downfall, but actually when they are picking some sensible and loveable content, these heroes ended up doing duds.

Admitting the same candidly, Sandeep Kishan says, “Films like Oka Ammayi Thappa and Run have affected me big time. Those films are some costly mistakes which I could have avoided. I got doubts on my story picking abilities back then”. In the same way, Naga Shourya has also done movies like Jadugadu and Oka Manasu, which proved to be big speed breakers as they ended up turning duds at box office.

Currently, Sandeep is trying to bounce back with Nagaram and then Krishna Vamsi’s Nakshatram, while Naga Shourya has a couple of good films in hand. Hope these movies will save from falling down the graph and brings them to dependable-heroes position yet again.