Ramcharan reacts to RGVs tweets over Chirus 150th movie Exclusive

Sr Director Romance With Young Heroine

Director’s off-screen romance with a young heroine is becoming talking point in the industry circles. Rumours are rife that the director is often spending quality time with the actress and the duo is comfort in each others company. While he is much elder to her, it’s said that age doesn’t have much role to play and both are happy in others space.

It’s rumoured that the director is spending more time with her and leaving his ongoing project aside. Talk is that this has also led to the increase in the production cost of the director’s ongoing film. Although she made quite a good name, the actress still has to go a long way. And perhaps she has no other option but to please him.

Since the director is already happily married, these rumours tend to irk his closed ones.