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Reddy Brothers Upset with Reddy’s Ministry!

Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy has got a rousing welcome in Nellore. After 13-long years, Somireddy has got a ministry and naturally his supporters, TDP workers were elated and gave him a grand reception. However, the political differences within the party in Nellore district were out in the open. Senior party leaders Anam brothers have gave it a miss. Also another senior leader Adala Prabhakar Reddy too stayed away from the celebration.
Even as Somireddy had personally telephoned each of them before he arrived to the town, none of them turned up for the do. It’s learnt that Somireddy had also personally sent his supporters to them and invited them, but the defiant leaders decided to shun the jubilation.

Former finance minister Anam Ramnarayana Reddy and Anam Vivekananda Reddy were left shocked with the cabinet rejig of Naidu. Although both the leaders haven’t got elected to Legislative House but given the Reddy brothers said to had expected one of them to got through council. But Somireddy has been inducted via council. This is not all. Somireddy has been given a crucial portfolio like Agricultural Ministry.

Interestingly, even Municipal Administration minister P. Narayana too said to be upset with Somireddy getting opportunity as he is afraid of Somireddy regaining strength over party in district and over state government. Ever since the TDP government is formed, Narayana is playing crucial role in the state government. While Narayana batted for ministry for Beeda Ravi Chandra, TDP’s district president for Nellore, Naidu said to had finally voted for Somireddy ignoring Narayana’s voice.

However, TDP’s top brass had instructed both Narayana and Beeda Ravi Chandra to participate in the celebration. All in all, the tremors in TDP continue to trigger even a week after the new cabinet has been formed.

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