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Richa Gangopadhyay at Sreeja Fashions Anniversary


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Producer Fled Away with Money?

According to grapevine, a producer has fled away from his lady business-partner who is from a well-known family in the industry. As per rumours, the producer has produced quite a films in association with the lady with a same hero and incurred severe losses as none of the films have worked. Even their last film that released last year was a dud at the Box Office. It’s heard that since then, all is not well between him and her.

This seems to have led to the acute differences between them. The producer was also into other businesses like real-estate and infra and education, and he is now said to have escaped from her with money. As per rumours he is not available to her, her family.

Since already the family got severe setbacks in recent times, this has added to the woes. The family has now taken this matter seriously and it’s said they’re having a lot of discussions within them about the issue. Efforts are underway to trace him and sort this matter privately.

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