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KCR To Retire by Dec?

If latest rumour doing the rounds in TRS circuit is anything to go by, IT & PR Minister and KCR’s son KTR would soon be elevated as the CM of Telangana. Buzz is that KCR is toying with the idea of inducting KTR as the second CM of the state and the muhurat has been reportedly fixed as December 2017. Eyeing the 2019 elections, KCR is keen to promote his son as his successor. It’s buzzed that KCR would handover responsibility to his son and he would move onto the national politics. Considering that TRS too needs a strong face nationally, none other than KCR may go national.
Reliable sources in TRS divulged us that KTR may get a key post of TRS Working President in the plenary organised on the occasion of party foundation day on April 27. KCR already made up his mind promote KTR as next boss after him in the party and would handover the party reigns to KTR. But before elevating him as the CM, KCR wants KTR to go through a series of tests.

Although KTR emerged as a key power center in the state in the three years and managed to got a grip over administration, yet KCR feels that it is not enough to elevate him as the CM. Hence, KCR is rumoured to have instructed his son to increase his public image and told him to prove himself as the leader of masses like him (KCR).

To guage the public response, KCR said to have deputed a team of leaders to ascertain response from people on KTR’s public speeches and leadership qualities. Although KTR is a good orator and effective in communication, his father is a crowd puller and way ahead than KTR. KTR is still lagging behind his father and he’s now told to interact with public more. The regular public meetings attended by KTR in the districts is a clear indication that he will soon step into the shoes of his father by the end of this year.

If all goes well, KTR will take over as the CM of Telangana succeeding his father KCR in December. however , it all depends on the abilities of the minister who has already been given free hand to perform his duties. If not, KCR will continue as CM till next general elections. Once the party retains its power, KTR will be made the second chief minister of Telangana.

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