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Jayasudha’s Marriage Day Message Melts You

On the eve of her marriage anniversary, senior actress Jayasudha, who was recently bereaved of her husband Nitin Kapoor, took to facebook to reminisce the memorable time she shared with him.

Jayasudha said that she believes her husband is in the company of angels and that he is finally at peace. She added that wherever he is, he keeps protecting them with his unconditional love.

She also opened up on the issue of depression, which is said to be the reason for the suicide of her husband. “Depression is a real and very overpowering medical condition,” she said.

Jayasudha thanked media saying, “I would appreciate the media not sensationalizing this dark event in my life and respect it for what it is. My family’s privacy, in our time of grief, is of utmost importance to me right no.”.

Nithin Kapoor committed suicide three days ago. He was married to Jayasudha for 32 years.