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Kansas Shooting: Indians Honour True American hero

The last month’s Kansas attack on two Indians, which resulted in death of Telugu engineer Srinivas Kuchibotla, also brings to light the heroic efforts of an American youngster Ian Grillot, who took gun shots while saving the two Indians including Alok Madasani.
When he was in hospital, Ian told reporters that he’s getting appraise from all quarters and shared his contentment for his daring attempt. In order to honor his heroism in saving Indians at gun point, the Indian-American community raised USD 1,00,000 for Ian and handed over the cheque to him.

On other hand, Grillot’s sister raised around USD 4,73,000 through gofundme campaign and Indian associations raised nearly USD 6,82,793 for the bereaved family of Srinivas in India.

During the times of growing hate crime incidents, Ian Grillot’s bravery to protect immigrants is drawing huge praise for him and treating his effort as uniquely heroic act.

The 24-year old courageous man was bestowed with the tire ‘A True American Hero’ and thanked by India’s ambassador Navtej Sarna, Consul General Houston Anupam Ray and others. A public honoring to Ian Grillot would have reflected the same goal that Indian authorities have been asking Trump government – to stop hate crimes and protect Indians.

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