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WhatsApp Becomes Threat to Baahubali

WhatsApp, the most popular social networking site of current times, looks to have become a major threat to Baahubali 2.
The second part of the magnum opus released on massive scale this Friday. Enthusiastic movie buffs thronged to theatres by acquiring the tickets despite exorbitant prices as the curiosity to find out ‘Why Kattappa killed Baahubali’ and the euphoria to watch the epic was at peaks.

Unfortunately, the lucky ones who have got the opportunity to witness the epic on the very first day have turned into big spoilsports. Out of sheer over-enthusiasm or hypocrisy, some miscreants are recording small clips of the film in theatres and sharing them on whatsapp, needless to say that the clips are going viral in no time.

People also are watching these pirated clips without any inhibitions and are also sharing them with their friends. When a film is made with so much passion, hard work and money, audiences should have minimum ethics not to encourage the piracy but the reality is quite opposite.

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