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Social Meida Makes Fun Of Rajinikanth’s Baasha

We have already reported that the remastered print of Superstar Rajinikanth’s iconic film ‘Baasha’ (1995) was recently re-released. And, the illogical in-film branding by the makers looks to be ruining the reputation of Rajini.

Directed by Suresh Krishna, ‘Baasha’ had Rajini playing an autorikshaw driver. Makers must have thought that as they were re-releasing the film in 2017, they should set the 1995 film in the current times. And, it turned out to be a lame idea.

The people who have watched the re-released version, have posted screenshots on social media to let the world know that the auto Rajinikanth drove in the film was an Ola auto.

It may be noted that Ola cabs started Autortikshaw services last year only. So, Rajini driving an OLA auto in 1995 has obviously come as an unintended funny element in the film. Forget OLA autos, even OLA cabs was not started by 1995. The idea of ‘Baasha’ makers to promote Ola service by taking sizeable compensation for in-film branding is garnering publicity for sure, but for different reason.

While some people have already added this ‘Ola auto’ aspect to the thousands of Rajini jokes that are prevailing in North India, the South Indian fans of Rajini are proudly saying that only Rajinikanth can pull off a stunt as unbelievable as this.