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If Keeravani was right then, Thaman is right now

Hurt by unknown things on the wrong side for sure, talented composer MM Keeravani blasted a series of tweets and comments which sounded like the words of a person in Identity Crisis. By calling cinema lyrics have entered bedridden stage post the likes of Veturi and Seetharama Sastry, he firstly annoyed the present generation lyricists a lot.
And then he made a huge satire of music composer Thaman as well, which is in very poor taste. As Keeravani announced retirement, Thaman approached his assistant Jeevan to join him. There’s no wrong in it? But by announcing that Thaman is eager for his retirement, Keeravani made a mockery of him.

When Keeravani was working as an assistant for Ilayaraja, he got close to RGV during Siva re-recording and that’s how got a chance to work on Kshana Kshanam. If Keeravani wants to blast Thaman now, he shouldn’t have got closer to Ramu then when the director is a client of his boss Ilayaraja. If Keeravani was right then, Thaman is right now, says Thaman fans.

On the other hand, various lyricists are finding fault with Keeravani’s comments and are explaining him in some way or the other how modern day lyricists are also doing better work like a Veturi or Sastry.

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