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Director’s Wife Says No To Jubilee Hills Case

From some time, Telugu industry is also suffering through various emotional ups and downs as many leading filmmakers, heroes and producers are going through a rough phase in their personal lives. And one such news is about director Sreenu Vaitla as his wife Roopa lodged a case against him in Jubilee Hills police station.
Post the release and flop show of “Bruce Lee” at the box office, it’s heard that Vaitla lost his cool due to the effect of the result and slapped his wife during a discussion. That led to huge discussions in Film Nagar about the couple getting divorced very sooner. But things took a turn with the involvement of some biggies from Tollywood and the couple are on a happy note now.

However, Roopa Vaitla, who is currently giving interviews to media houses about her fashion designing work for the movie “Mister”, is not willing to talk about this. We hear that the media folks who went to interview her were given a prior briefing about what questions should be asked and what not. And this instruction came in a requesting tone, for which the media too obliged.

Now that Sreenu and Roopa are in a happy space, hope that this continues forever and they live as a good example for many. Yes, fights do occur, but it is the reunions that matter.


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