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Hottie Became Manchu Family’s New Mascot

Every cinema family in Tollywood is seen encouraging particular actresses and there seems to be now wrong with it. While ‘mega compound’ actresses are one gang, there are few like ‘Manchu compound’ hotties too.

The likes of Taapsee and Hansika have maintained close ties with Manchu family and acted in the films of Vishnu, Manoj and Lakshmi as well. Irrespective of the hit-flop story of these heroines with Manchu heroes, they have given them regular chances. Here comes another hottie who is likely to become a mascot of Manchus again.

Despite scoring a hit with Kanche, hottie Pragya Jaiswal failed to turn the tide in her favour. Since then she’s looking for some big opportunities but other youngsters like Lavanya Tripathi walked away with the offers in her plate. Right now she’s waiting for Bellamkonda Srinivas movie and Krishna Vamsi’s Nakshatram to release.

Good news is that Pragya will now romance Manchu Vishnu in upcoming “Achari America Yaatra” that has G Nageswar Reddy at the helm. While Amyra Dastur was picked initially for the leading lady’s role, somehow Pragya grabbed that chance. Hope she scores a biggie this time through Vishnu and becomes a lucky mascot for Manchus.


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