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No, Web Series Can’t Replace Cinema

Recently director Puri Jagan has expressed that in the near future Web Series are going to replace Movies on a lot, many felt that it will become a reality as none other than such dashing director said. But cinema experts say that it is not going to happen.
First of all, watching a film on silver screen is an experience that can’t be replaced by watching the same film on laptops and mobile screens. For example, if we are watching an emotional scene on a small screen, the feeling is hardly conveyed though one understands the content. But in a closed theatre, on a large screen, with huge surround sound, the experience is larger than life. So no matter how many YouTube web series come, films are going to be films.

Already there are costly entertainers like Game Of Thrones that are made exclusively for web-based audiences. Have they beaten the success of any other commercial films at the box office? That will be impossible. We buy a web-based subscription for 500/month for popular networks, while the baap of all, YouTube, is very much free. How many such subscriptions needed to recover the incurred costs to make a quality film? Even with branding and all, it will be a long run, say more than 5 years, to recover the investment.

While the likes of Netflix are successful abroad, that is again directly proportional to the number of internet users, data speed and type of content being made. In India, making lush content for YouTube will be a daunting task and also for users if the likes of Jio are gone it is tough to catch them al.

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