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Ilayaraja sends Legal Notice To SP Balasubramanyam

Prolific singer SP Balasubramanyam has received a legal notice from veteran musician Ilaiyaraaja. Apparently, the notice from Ilaiyaraaja’s office says the singer can’t sing or perform Ilaiyaraaja’s songs on the stage without his prior permission.

Balasubramanyam, who is currently on his SPB50 tour in the US that started in August in Toronto, confirmed receiving the notice who expressed shock yet he said he would obey the law and don’t sing Ilaiyaraaja’s songs in his ongoing concert. He added that he has sung songs of lots of other music composers by God’s grace and said that he will perform those songs.

Responding to Ilaiyaraaja’s legal notice, SPB has taken to Facebook and wrote that he would respond to the notice legally. When a few had asked him why doesn’t he talk to Ilaiyaraaja instead of responding to notice directly, he retorted saying that the musician or his team hadn’t attempted to contact him before slapping the notice. So he said he would also respond legally. Balu added that he has self respect.

This isn’t first time, Ilaiyaraaja had moved legally to claim copyright over his songs. Earlier in 2014, he approached Madras High Court against five music companies asking them not to sell his tunes as he has sole authority over his compositions. Raja had got injunction order against the music companies.