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Two More Days For 700 Cr Gamble!!

Not just a fifty or slightly more crores, but it’s nearly 700 crores. That’s the amount “Baahubali: The Conclusion” should collect from box office to push every distributor to safe shores. And the film is going to release in a big way this Friday that this number is just a figure for it if all goes well.
Touted to be one of the biggest releases in India, even beating the likes of Salman Khan’s film release, Baahubali 2 is releasing in nearly 8000 screens across India. Releasing in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and many states in the North, the film is getting a massive release in single screens and multiplexes. Coming to pre-release business, the film got sold for 120+ crores in Telugu states alone, while including rest of all the territories local and global it made 350+ crores business. To recover this money, the film should collect nearly 700 crores gross from theatres.

Quick Math:
If ticket of Baahubali 2 is priced at an average of ₹ 200, then nearly 3.5+ crore people should watch the movie to collect 700 crores. If all the 8000+ theatres that are screening the movie register a single houseful show, it will be 24 lakh people watching. Per day, on an average, if 4 shows are screened, then 96 lakh people will watch the film. So if all the 8000 screens register 4-day total housefuls then 3.5+ crore people are likely to watch the film, making Baahubali 2 touch the targeted amount of 700 crores. Maybe say, 1 week is enough for the film to recover the investment, even if in case there are some drops here and there.

Hope the gamble starts on a good note and spreads happiness among all the parties involved. The key lies in Baahubali 2 getting a blockbuster talk on First Day from First Show and thereafter should register all housefuls.

PS: Some trade pundits say, screen count varies from 6000-9000 and final numbers will be known just a day before release.

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