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Is He The Face of Janasena in Telangana?

Watch Is Gaddar Maoist or Humanist ? online - Cinevedika

67-year-old poet, Singer, Balladeer Gaddar is rumoured to be joining direct politics. If speculations are to be believed, the Telangana’s popular revolutionary Balladeer would be joining Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena and he would be the face of the party in the Telangana. Given that Pawan himself is a great fan of poems, Balldeers, folks songs with social message and particularly that of Gaddar, the speculations are gaining steam in the political circuits.
Of late, Gaddar has been not very active in the Maoist movement. In fact, he turned into spiritual as he has been on a spree of visiting temples. The latest we hear is that he would soon foray into direct politics and Jansena would be the platform for his launch.

Gaddar is a poet whose songs once inspired many to join the armed Maoist rebellion against the then ruling establishment. He’s quite popular in Telangana and has good mass following. Not many know that Gaddar is an engineering student-turned-bank employee-turned- revolutionary singer. He hails from Toopran in Medak district. He had taken his name from the popular Gadar Party of Punjab during the pre-Independence era.

He had found Jana Natya Mandali, a cultural wing of CPI (ML) People’s War Group and played a key role in the Maoist movement for over four decades. If he enters politics of Telangana through Janasena, it is expected to turn the scenario interesting given that already Congress and TDP in Telangana have lost hope in clinching power from the ruling TRS. Let’s wait and see.

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