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T-Govt To Monitor Marital Status Online

Couple who wanted to register their marriage need not to visit Sub Registrar’s office to submit their applications. Putting an end to the existing cumbersome manual process, State government will introduce online registration of marriages soon in Telangana state.

Under the new system, people will have to submit applications and also get marriage certificates online. The bride and bride groom should upload applications on official website of the state Registrar Department along with all valid documents including Aadhar card. After receiving the date of appointment, couple will have to carry documents like proof of nationality, address, age, and marital status and Aadhar to get married immediately at the local registrar office.

The government has taken the initiative of online system to encourage people register their marriages in the government records as mandated by the Supreme court in a case recently.

The online system would also help to check multiple marriages in the wake of increasing polygamy cases in the state. All the data regarding the registered couple would help to cross check the marriage status of the online applicant. The new system would be introduced pilot basis in one of the registrar offices in Hyderabad and then extend the services to all sub registrar centres by the end of this year.


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