Telugu Warriors Vs Mumbai Heroes Match – Live


Telugu Warriors Vs Mumbai Heroes Match – Live (31st January 2015) Saturday

Huge Fight Between Nayan And BF??

Still, after getting married a year ago, both heroine Nayantara and her director boyfriend Vignesh Sivan are said to be maintaining a secret about it. However when they visited Jayalalitha’s dead body together, many got a clue about what is certainly happening.
Reports are coming from Tamil media folks that both Nayan and her BF had a huge fight other day. This is regarding publicly approving their marital status. Actually, Nayantara expected huge from “Dora” movie but it flopped big time, leaving the actress in a shocker. At the same time, director Vignesh Shivan wants to open to the world about their marriage such that they could live a peaceful life from now on, without getting intimidating questions from media and all.

While Vignesh started the argument, we hear that Nayan took it to next level and gave black and blue to the young director. Finally, they have decided to protect their marriage news for a couple of more years until Nayan loses her stardom in the industry.

At the same time, Vignesh got a chance to direct hero Surya with the recommendation for Nayantara. Currently shooting for this film is going on in the suburbs of Chennai.

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