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Advice for Indians: How to Stay Safe in US

In the aftermath of the killing of Telugu guy Srinivas Kuchibhotla in Olathe, Kansas, USA, on February 22, a meeting of the Telangana America Telugu Association (TATA) was conducted in Washington on February 27 and issues concerning Telugu people were discussed.

The association opined that Telugu people should take necessary precautions. All the Telugus in the US have been advised not to provoke locals who might be having racial prejudice by showing off their prospering lives, which include flaunting their expensive vehicles, publicly going gaga over their earnings etc.

Telugus are also advised to socialize with Americans and make them understand about their culture.

“Having our people as representatives would mean that we can have a say and our voice will be heard. Everyone wants to take up jobs but not many think of taking up politics as a career,” pointed out TATA President arguing the necessity of Indian-Americans for showing inclination towards getting into politics.

It is also advised to participate in fund-raising for representatives during elections to that they will look into the issues of Indians after getting elected.

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