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Rs 2000 And 40 Dollars?? This Is Insane

United States of America Baahubali tickets

The craze of Baahubali 2 is everywhere pretty same. People have already decided to brave the scorching mercury outside to stand in queues and fetch tickets. Already online ticket booking websites are feeling tough to handle the traffic. Same is the case in the United States of America where tickets are getting sold like hot cakes.
But the major thing that is hurting audiences is the soaring ticket price as the government is not regulating the black market mafia. When the ticket price is officially kept at 30+ dollars in the USA, people have decided to boycott the film, hence the price is now brought down to 12 dollars, says a source. But such is not the case in Telugu states here.

While the second shows on Thursday night are priced at regular value by the theatre authorities, no ticket is, however, coming out at that rate. Some theatres are seen selling each ticket for 1000 rupees and fans are in no mood to complain about this. Only online bookings are fetching ticket at 150 rupees while booking counters at theatres are selling only a short bunch at that price before hanging a Houseful board.

One wonders if the makers of Baahubali and the authorities know about this Rs 2000 and $40 tickets. This is an insane price for normal public to spend upon.

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