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New Rs 200 notes to be introduced after June

After the demonetization exercise by the government, people across India have confronted with a plethora of difficulties in making change of lesser denominations for Rs. 2000.
Viewing this as a big problem, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has took a step towards it while clearing a proposal to introduce notes of Rs. 200 denomination.

The board of RBI, includes RBI governor Urijit Patel and four deputy governors, has come to this decision at a meeting in the last month, March.

And the process of printing of the bank notes Rs. 200 is likely to start by the RBI after June, only after the government officially approves this denomination.

According to RBI, the currency in circulation was more than thirteen lakh crore rupees, as on 24 March. But the central bank has not revealed the information of the demonetized notes it has got back from the people.

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