TV9 Encounter – with Motkupalli Narasimhulu

Murali Krishna's encounter with TDP Motkupalli Narasimhulu - Tv9
Murali Krishna’s encounter with TDP Motkupalli Narasimhulu – Tv9
Second Half Weak But Second Ticket Needed

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Film lovers are literally feasting upon the terrific visuals of Baahubali 2 and at the same time, they are taken for a ride by Rajamouli’s fantastic screenplay and vision. But there are those who say one particular thing after watching this second and final part of the Baahubali franchise.
One of the common opinions that are being heard from film lovers is that “First half is terrific. Second half is weak”. Some didn’t like the war episode in the second half of Baahubali 2 and went on calling it as a lag. But they are the people are putting their request without any shy. What’s that request?

“Actually we do provide some tickets to our clientele who gives us ads. While most of them enjoyed Baahubali 2 to the core, some commented that second half is weak. Surprisingly they are the ones who are asking for a second ticket to watch the film again”, said a Brand Manager, who works with a noted entertainment company.

Are people getting sarcastic just for the heck of it, or they are throwing a negative opinion just to stand tall amongst other opinionators? Only those who watched the film second time despite calling it an average film should know it.

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