UK’s Daughter: Terrific Counter to BBC’s India’s Daughter

uk dau

We all know the magnitude of controversy created by the infamous India’s Daughter documentary. Directed by British female filmmaker Leslee Udwin, the film ran into problems with the central authorities for unabashedly airing the chauvinistic views of the convicted rapist, Mukhesh Singh and his defence lawyers ML Sharma and AK Singh.

Numerous organizations have come out in the open and protested against the film and strongly condemned the way India had been portrayed as a rape capital and Indian men as chauvinistic. Decided to give a fitting retort, an Indian named Harvinder Singh has now made a documentary titled United Kingdom’s Daughter.

In his film, Harvinder showcased the various atrocities being undergone by the Western and especially the British women. His film revealed that as many as 250 women are subjected to rape and other forms of abuse each day. The film also testimonies the fact that at least 10 percent of British women are victims of abuse at some point in their lives. The film has already gone viral and is raising several burning questions about women’s safety and existence in the present day.

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