Unfortunate Connection Between Puli And Baahubali


This afternoon, the teaser of Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s socio-fantasy film Puli was released to a meek response from those curiously waiting to catch the glimpses of Vijay in the most different role in his career. The reactions were even terse with the comparisons with Baahubali’s trailer and majority feel that Puli lacked the grandeur and finesse with which Baahubali was made. While the comparisons seem unwanted, there has been an unfortunate connection between both the films.

Just like the sensational Baahubali leak in which 12 minutes of raw footage was leaked by a technician in a visual effects studio, Puli’s teaser too was leaked by a young intern who was working at the Four Frames Studio in Chennai where the sound recording for the teaser took place. The person has been arrested but the damage was done already.

Even before the police could nab the culprit, the teaser spread like wildfire on Facebook and YouTube and thousands of excited fans watched it, forcing the makers of Puli officially release the teaser well in advance. It is increasingly becoming difficult for the makers of high budget movies to control this leakage menace.

Fan Follows Actress to Ladies’ Washroom


Sometimes the over-enthusiasm of fans pushes their favorite celebs into panic situations and one such scene was recently witnessed by hot Bollywood actress Esha Gupta.
Esha has recently taken part in a fashion programme in Dubai. When the actress was going to washroom, a male fan reportedly followed her on the pretext of taking a selfie with her. Although she tried to convince him that the time and place were inappropriate, he entered the ladies’ washroom right behind her.

The ‘Raaz 3’ actress was so terrified that she had to call the security to get the male fan out of the washroom. She however didn’t press any charges against him as he pleaded her that he came inside only for a selfie and that he had no malicious intentions.

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